Do Your Part. Make a Difference

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Simple things which I did that you can emulate in your lifestyle:

1. Don't drink that one can of coke for a day. Donate that 1 dollar.
2. Avoid that bag of chips for today. Donate those 3 dollars.
3. Avoid Starbucks. Have coffee at home. Donate those 4.9 dollars.

Sacrifice these small luxuries for one day. For the sake of our planet. For the sake of humanity.


Your one small contribution will go a long way in saving our planet.
Contribute in your own small way:

1. Through electronic transfer -
(Do indicate your name and the amount you donated under the comments section)

2. Pledge: Pledge your donation under the comments section. One Person One Dollar.


As a token of appreciation of your contribution, I would like you to do this poll. After successfully raising S$100, what would you like me to do to thank you?